2017 Serve-A-Thon
May 2, 2017

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Dear Friends and Family,

This spring my class and I will be serving others in our local community while raising money for my school, Berks Christian School. I have the exciting opportunity to join the whole BCS family—students, parents, teachers, faculty, staff, and friends—in this important cause. The entire school is excited about this event, not only because it is a tool to provide much needed funding for a quality education, but also because it is an opportunity for us to reach out to our community by helping others in practical ways and sharing the love of Jesus. Some of our local service projects have included working with Habitat for Humanity, Hope Rescue Mission, Greater Reading Food Bank, and programs at local retirement homes.

Berks Christian School is led by a dedicated faculty and staff who are committed to the academic and spiritual well-being of its students. We are celebrating our fortieth anniversary this year with a focus on serving. Serve-a-Thon is just one of the many ways we serve others throughout the school year.

This event enables Berks Christian School to continue its service to hundreds of children and their families throughout the community by providing needs-based financial aid scholarships and funding strategic growth initiatives. My goal is to raise $1000 for my school through personal sponsors, like you, as I show Christ’s love to others. Would you be willing to sponsor me? All contributions are tax deductible and ANY amount will be greatly appreciated.

Your contribution, on my behalf, is a true investment in children’s lives. Thanks for your consideration and generosity. Please fill out the card below and return it to my school or you may also donate online. Please call the school or me with any questions that you may have.

Thank you very much!

Ally, an eighth-grader at BCS, served at Rosedale Campground in Reading last year. Her class helped clear fall leaf debris around the campground to prepare for the upcoming summer events. Even when she’s not involved in Serve-a-Thon, Ally loves to be involved in her community, serving at her local church’s summer VBS and also helping with the VBS program at a sister church in the city of Reading. Ally demonstrates the qualities we love to see in a BCS student, making time for service while also participating in extracurriculars and maintaining a high standard of academic success.

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About the Serve-A-Thon

Every school does fund raisers. But BCS does it a little differently. Instead of selling products or asking for sponsorships for class competitions, BCS families request that their friends and family members sponsor the children in a day of service. Serve-a-Thon donations supplement tuition costs of those students who attend BCS on scholarship. While students spend the day serving others, they can reflect on the way BCS serves them and the way the Serve-a-Thon donors are serving the school through their financial gifts.

On Serve-a-Thon day itself, students spread out across the county serving in all kinds of venues. Some visit nursing homes to interact with older adults, minister to them with songs, and perform skits to encourage them. Other students help at soup kitchens and shelters in the local community, providing practical service by serving meals and caring for those in need. Other serving opportunities include Habitat for Humanity sites, campgrounds, schools, parks, and crisis centers. Many of these locations are outside of the comfort-zone of some students, and they are stretched to serve others in unfamiliar situations.