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Hello, friend of Berks Christian School.

 Tate Moll, Senior 

Tate Moll, Senior 

It’s my final year of high school, and as I prepare to close the BCS chapter of my life, I am reflecting on the importance of this community. I attended BCS Kindergarten through 4th grade and was blessed to return in 9th grade. In between, while attending public school, I missed the distinctly Christian influence in my education. It was a unique experience for me, when I returned to BCS, to see people I had known before and be welcomed again. I realized that I wouldn't just be going to school but rather have the opportunity to talk more deeply with teachers and students. I know that my experience at BCS has shaped me, specifically my goal to pursue a degree in education. As I share my story, consider the deep impact of BCS on this one life and multiply that over the hundreds of graduates throughout this school’s forty-year history.


When I think of my BCS education, the first thing that comes to mind is the influence of individuals on my personal life. BCS teachers are more than just instructors; they are mentors and friends and guides. I’ve learned more than just academic content and have gained more than just a diploma. In many of my teachers, I have found role models and lifelong friendships that will help me as I transition into adult life. Other students have also been an encouragement. When I was in 9th grade, I watched a senior, Colin, spend intentional time with the elementary students and I noticed how they admired him. I wanted to be the same type of role model, so throughout high school I have made it a habit to connect with younger students. This year it has been great getting to know Anthony (2nd grade) and Jose (4th grade) through our Leadership Legacy Groups.

Aside from this, I have been blessed by the enormous range of opportunities available to me. Though this is a small setting, and that small size is a benefit, there is no shortage of ways to be involved. This year alone, I am involved in basketball, track, three internships, student council, chorus, drama, National Honor Society, and the high school leadership conference. BCS is clearly a place that is growing and actively developing ways to prepare students for lives that are characterized by service and engagement.

It’s the season for end of year giving and I hope you will consider including BCS this winter. If you’ve been influenced in any way by Berks Christian School, you know the importance of impacting kids’ lives while they are in school. As this community continues to thrive and grow, I am so glad for the experiences it has brought to my life. Please consider making a donation this year so that generations of students can continue to be blessed in similar ways.


Tate Moll, Senior at Berks Christian School

 Philip Warner, BCS Head of School

Philip Warner, BCS Head of School

It's been an encouraging year at Berks Christian School. Our growing student body is benefiting from expanded academic offerings following our ambitious accreditation program, more integrated life-on-life mentoring with additions like our Leadership Legacy program, and a deepened commitment to character development through service opportunities like the newly launched BCS Serve program.

And yet, Tate's letter reminds us that our mission is not a larger student body or better programs. Rather, it is effectively educating students and cultivating Christ-centered lives. Our impact for the Kingdom happens one student, one life, at a time.  Your support truly makes a difference.

Would you strongly consider becoming a Sustaining Partner through monthly giving to BCS? Our Sustaining Partners allow us to be responsible stewards and planners to create the space for more stories like Tate's. In all the many ways you contribute, thank you for your support of the students of Berks Christian School.

Scholarship Funds

Berks Christian School has been able to give out thousands of dollars to deserving families each year in financial aid. Unfortunately, even with so much aid distributed, we have additional requests from families who cannot afford to come to our school without aid.

Donors are needed in three categories:

1. Endowment Donor of $5,000 or more to be put toward a principle amount. The interest from this amount would provide the funds for the scholarship.
2. Annual Donor of $500, $1,000, or $2,500 to be received by July 1st of each year.
3. One-Time Donor of any amount.

To make a donation, please contact Beth Bromwell, Director of Development, by calling the school office at 610-582-1000 or emailing

Jim Welsh Memorial Fund

The Jim Welsh Memorial Fund focuses on helping families with two or more students attending BCS. Jim faithfully sent all five of his children to BCS for their educations and later served as our Elementary Supervisor for two years.

Carolyn Sharp Fund

The Carolyn Sharp Fund provides funding for secondary students who excel academically with a GPA of 3.2 or above. Carolyn taught math at BCS for 23 years, doing a tremendous job of guiding students toward excellence in academics.

Sandy Sileo Memorial Fund

The Sandy Sileo Memorial Fund offers scholarships to any elementary student. Sandy started teaching 3rd grade at BCS in 1990 and spent thirteen years in the classroom before spending a few years in administration. She was much loved by her classes for her caring attitude toward her students.

Harold J. Adams Jr. Memorial Fund

The Harold J. Adams Jr. Memorial Fund is used to benefit deserving students who are in need of financial assistance and wish to attend BCS. Harold demonstrated an ability to succeed and support his family in spite of a limited 6th grade education. Harold was later impacted by the fact that his grandson was given more opportunities due to the education he received at Berks Christian School.